Supplemental Replant

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Supplemental Replant Endorsement

Available for: Corn and Soybeans

This endorsement to the hail policy provides additional replant coverage above the replant coverage provided by the underlying MPCI policy. The endorsement also provides coverage for acreage that doesn’t meet the 20/20 qualification on the underlying MPCI policy as it begins paying from the first acre replanted.

The insured must carry a Yield Protection, Revenue Protection or Revenue Protection with Harvest Price Exclusion policy at buyup levels (no CAT) to be eligible and coverage for the endorsement is on a unit basis as determined by the corresponding MPCI policy.


Acres that are not eligible for coverage under this endorsement include:

  • Acreage planted prior to the Earliest Planting Date
  • Acreage on which it is no longer practical to replant
  • High-risk, unclassified or uninsurable acreage;
  • Second or double crops
  • Acres covered under a CAT policy
  • MPCI policies issued by written agreement
  • Organic acres

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