Green Snap Windstorm

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Green Snap or Windstorm Endorsement

Available for: Field Corn, Seed Corn and Popcorn (IN)

This endorsement to the hail policy provides coverage of loss due to wind that caused a flattening, bending or breaking of the stalk causing the ear to be unrecoverable by mechanical harvesting equipment. This does not include damage resulting in a barren plant or a partially filled or deformed ear that is recoverable by mechanical harvesting equipment.

The endorsement has a 5% disappearing deductible that disappears at 25%.

Insurance attaches when at least 50% of the corn has reached the 7th leaf stage. Coverage ends the earlier of:

  • The date the crop is harvested;
  • 12:01 a.m. November 1st for field corn and October 15th for seed corn and popcorn.

A unit consists of all acres of corn located in a separate identifiable field planted with a clear & discernable break in the planting pattern at the boundaries of the field.

Extra Harvest Expense

This option provides coverage for the extra expense incurred to harvest a crop blown down but still recoverable. The payment will be up to 12% of the total liability of insurance. To qualify for payment, at least 10% of the field or 10 acres (whichever is less) must be blown down. This is not a deductible and once the threshold has been met, the loss will be paid on all of the acres.

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