Crop Hail

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Crop Hail

We offer extensive crop hail insurance options in many states, including production hail, companion hail, and a number of endorsements (options vary by state). Many of the coverage options provide acre-by-acre coverage.

  • Hail
  • Fire & Lightning
  • Transit coverage to the 1st place of storage (50 mile maximum) which includes transit loss due to
    • Fire & Lightning (excluding cotton modules)
    • Windstorm
    • Collision, Overturn, Collapse of bridges, docks & culverts
  • Fire Dept. service charge to save or protect the unharvested crop

The insured elects the amount of insurance per acre of coverage for the crop for the hail plan they have elected. The Insurance Per Acre (IPA) should reflect the amount of coverage at 100% share. If they have less than 100% share, the indemnity will be reduced to reflect their share of the crop.

There are many different deductible options offered depending on the crop and location that allow a grower to tailor coverage to fit their farming operation.

Hail Coverages Available

BasicNo Deductible
DXS55% deductible that disappears at 25%
DXS1010% deductible that disappears at 50%
XS10IP10% deductible – increasing payment provision
XS1515% Deductible
XS 2020% Deductible
XS10IP10% deductible – increasing payment provision
XS20IP20% deductible – increasing payment provision
DDALoss in excess of 10%. Once loss exceeds 20% additional 2% will be paid for each % above 20%, up to a max of 25%.

Optional Endorsements

Fire & Lightning Coverage for Crops Planted in Small Grain Stubble or Residue

Crops planted in small grain stubble are not covered for fire under the standard hail policy, however, fire coverage can be added to the acres with this endorsement for $.25 per $100 of coverage.

Auto-Hail Renewal

This allows the policy to remain in effect from year to year until cancelled in writing. In addition, acreage will be updated on the policy from the MPCI acreage report reducing paperwork and data entry.

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