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Companion Plan Endorsement

The Companion Plan Endorsement modifies the hail policy to only provide coverage for the portion of the crop not covered under an MPCI policy. The amount of Insurance per Acre (IPA) elected by the grower will reflect the value of the crop not covered with the idea any loss below that amount will be covered by the MPCI policy.

To establish the IPA, the grower will determine the market value of the crop and deduct the amount of MPCI coverage for the crop.

Market Value (Expected Yield X Market Price)
MPCI Guarantee (Approved APH X MPCI Coverage Level X MPCI Projected Price)

Insurance per Acre

MPCI Coverage LevelIncreasing Payment FactorLimit of Insurance not to exceed normal market value of your interest in the:
50%2Top 1/2 of the crop
65%3Top 1/3 of the crop
75%4Top 1/4 of the crop

There is an Excess Over 5% Loss provision which may disappear depending on the size of the loss.

% of LossExcess over 5%=Multiplied by the Elected Increasing Payment Factor
5%0% 0%0%0%
7%2% 8%6%4%
27%22% 88%66%44%
30%25% 100%75%50%
40%35% 100%100%70%
50%45% 100%100%90%
55%50% 100%100%100%


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