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Ag Armour Grower Risk Protection Plans: Complete Coverage, Total Peace of mind

Offering America’s producers never-before-seen risk management solutions, AmTrust Ag’s Ag Armour products provide unprecedented yield and revenue protection. Designed to complement a grower’s current risk management strategies, this family of private products provides coverage that is designed to go beyond what crop insurance has historically provided.


HarvestMAX offers true shallow yield loss protection and the flexibility to insure the top-end bushels at a significant value.

  • On an enterprise unit basis, the farmer can purchase coverage levels from 80% up to 95% in 1% increments (depending on his or her trend-adjusted APH).
  • Build the coverage to suit the grower’s needs by choosing the coverage level, the number of bushels to insure, and the market price at which he or she wants to insure each bushel. Then protect all of the acres or just a portion of them.
  • Cover a wide variety of yield-decreasing perils for corn grown for grain, soybeans, sugar beets, rice, potatoes and winter wheat.

Max Revenue

An endorsement to the HarvestMAX policy, Max Revenue provides two options for adding revenue coverage to the HarvestMAX product.

  • X1 turns the top-end bushel band into an additional revenue band – on top of federal crop insurance. X1 adds downward price protection on the farmer’s HarvestMAX-protected bushels using a percentage of price decline on federal crop insurance to calculate the change in bushels covered.
  • MaxRP creates a new revenue trigger at the coverage level elected by the insured. MaxRP provides downward- and upward-moving price protection. If purchased with underlying federal crop insurance, MaxRP is designed to allow a customer to have a fluid revenue policy, from the new trigger level down to zero.

MP Plus

MP Plus enables a grower to insure the top-end bushels protected by their MPCI policy at a value above the MPCI protection level. The coverage is transparent. It’s as simple as choosing the coverage level and additional price to get coverage anytime the farmer’s MPCI policy triggers.

  • Unit structuring matches the underlying MPCI policy (OU, EU, BU).
  • Buy up the projected price on corn, soy and wheat to insure closer to break-even, or lock in a profit.
    • Corn: $0.25, $0.50, $0.75, $1.00
    • Soy: $0.50, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00
    • Wheat: $0.50, $1.00, $1.50
  • The coverage is guaranteed, and there are no alternative price months.
  • Triggers anytime there is a claim on the underlying federal policy, regardless of whether it’s caused by a yield loss or a price decline.

Max Price

Max Price allows a grower to purchase – and add – additional price per bushel to their MPCI policy without using discovery windows. This coverage is transparent and as simple as selecting the federal crop coverage level and the additional price to protect. The coverage is guaranteed, and the policy even has the potential for payment without a federal crop indemnity.

  • Bought on an enterprise, optional or basic unit structure to match the grower’s MPCI policy.
  • Additional price for corn available at $0.15, $0.25 and $0.35 and for soybeans at $0.50.
  • No alternative month discovery windows and the policy only expires if the farmer has a good production year.
  • In the event the grower’s harvest guarantee exceeds the original guarantee, Max Price will automatically convert to an MP Plus policy.

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