Actual Revenue History

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Actual Revenue History (ARH) Pilot Endorsement

This is a pilot endorsement that is available in select counties and states for: Cherries, Navel Oranges and Strawberries.

The policy protects the grower against losses from low yields, low prices, low quality, or any combination of these events. Coverage is based on the producers’ net revenue history and is determined after harvest at the point of first delivery.

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Coverage Level

The grower elects to insure a percentage of their historical average revenue. Coverage levels available range from: 50% to 75% in 5% increments.

Payment Factor

The grower elects a payment factor from .67 to 1.0 depending upon the coverage level elected.

Expected Revenue Factor

A value determined by RMA that reflects the likely revenue for a crop year with a normal yield and anticipated price. The factor is used to adjust the approved revenue and will be published in the Special Provisions. The factor will be announced no later than 15 days prior to the Sales Closing Date (SCD).


Assume 100% share in 10 acres of sweet cherries and a single unit. The insured certifies revenue at $3,500 per acre and RMA provides an expected revenue factor of 1.00. The insured chooses 75% coverage level and a payment factor of 85%.

$3,500 Certified revenue
X 1.00 Percent share
$3,500 Revenue per acre
x 0.75 Coverage level
$2,625 Revenue coverage per acre
x 1.00 Revenue factor
$2,625 Total value per acre
X 0.85 Payment factor
$2,231 Total liability per acre

The grower harvests a normal crop, but an inadequate market price causes their revenue to be only $17,500.

10 Acres
x $2,625 Total value per acre
$26,250 Total insurance amount
$26,250 Total insurance amount
- $17,500 Revenue
$8,750 Difference
x 0.85 Payment Factor
$ 7,438 Final payment