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AmTrust Financial: From innovative idea to industry leader

Since 1998, AmTrust Financial Services has grown through acquisitions and organic growth to become one of the largest property and casualty insurers in the United States, specializing in coverage for small- to mid-sized businesses.

From the beginning, the focus of the business has been on generating steady, positive growth by providing industry-leading products and services. Today, AmTrust has one of the most diverse underwriting portfolios in the financial services industry. By staying true to its values, AmTrust has amassed $8 billion in gross written premium, along with $20 billion in total assets. On June 7, 2017, AmTrust Financial Services earned a spot on the prestigious Fortune 500 list. For many businesses, reaching this pinnacle takes decades. However, AmTrust made history before turning 20.

Policyholders with AmTrust are just like the businesses that line any Main Street. With an average premium of $9,000 in a heavily regulated industry, AmTrust is committed to putting its resources to work for America’s businesses.

Why crop insurance?

With its Main Street roots, AmTrust views crop insurance as the key risk management tool for today’s farmer. Crop insurance is the most successful public-private partnership the federal government has created. With extensive experience in highly regulated markets, AmTrust sees crop insurance as a natural fit within its diverse portfolio of products and services. AmTrust believes that the intent of crop insurance is to provide a stable, secure and safe food supply for Americans – and, through exports, the world – by supporting the American farmer.

In 2014, AmTrust began writing crop insurance through its affiliate, AmTrust Ag, because it realized that agricultural economics were changing, both on the farm and within the crop insurance industry. High costs, lower commodity prices and other factors made crop insurance an even more important risk management tool for today’s farmer. Creating a disruption within the crop insurance industry was the 2011 Standard Reinsurance Agreement (SRA), which has left companies continuing to struggle to accept a different view of profitability. AmTrust Ag firmly believes that a crop insurance company can be profitable at any premium level, even in the current economic environment.

AmTrust Ag believes there is a need to continue to grow the crop insurance program by providing the best customer service in the industry. Never afraid to challenge a process, our seasoned professionals have come together to provide agents and insureds with the highest level of service. We are striving to not only achieve that level, but also continue to improve how crop insurance is delivered. Our growth in 2016-17 shows the strategy is working.

As a company that understands the economics of crop insurance, AmTrust Ag is committed to protecting crops grown on today’s farms when farmers need risk protection the most: during a loss. Our team understands risk and works hard to develop stable products built on solid financial ground, giving our agents and insureds confidence in the coverage we provide. Risk management is a vital piece of the American farmer’s cash flow and our intent is to protect it.

Taking stock in America

Ten years ago, every crop insurance company was American owned. Today, American-owned companies control less than 20 percent of the crop insurance premium paid by farmers. AmTrust Ag exists to give the American farmer the option of choosing a financially robust, American-owned company, helping keep the American economy strong.

AmTrust Ag recognizes the political issues that crop insurance faces today. Like most businesses, we agree that grassroots efforts are necessary to make sure our representatives in Washington, D.C. remember that crop insurance is vital to production agriculture. The AmTrust Ag difference is in how we communicate this message. Our efforts in Washington, D.C. are to address ALL of the issues agriculture faces.

Standing behind America’s farmers

We are aligning with agents who share our commitment. Agents who are concerned about the rural issues our communities face every day; agents who understand the critical role crop insurance has in keeping America’s food source safe, secure and affordable for everyone. AmTrust Ag is committed to a strong, knowledgeable agent force so that, at the time of a loss, our insureds can be confident they made the right choice.

AmTrust Ag is built for not only the current state, but also the future of crop insurance. The time is now to partner with an American-owned business that is financially strong, understands risk and is committed to helping agriculture thrive. Our name says it all.

AmTrust Ag


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