Paid Family Leave Coverage Guidelines

New York Paid Family Leave

Employer & Employee Information

  Employer Employee
Eligibility All covered employers with one or more employees working in New York State.
Exempt employers may opt in to provide coverage.
All NYS employees
Full time: Must have worked with the same employer for at least 26 consecutive weeks within a rolling 52-week period.
Part time: Must have worked with same employer for 175 days within a rolling 52-week period.
Contribution/Premium The contribution rate for 2018 is 0.126% of employee’s weekly wage PFL benefits are deducted by employer through employee payroll
• Employers may cover contribution but are not required
• Employers have the option to begin early collection as
of July 1, 2017
Deduction of 0.126% of weekly wage through payroll.
*Capped at Statewide Average Weekly Wage $1305.92 or $1.65
Benefit Details May not require employee to use PTO before using PFL
• Must continue to contribute to employee health care (employee
must also continue contribution)
• Must provide same or similar job upon return from leave
• 30 day notification required (when applicable)
• No waiting period, meaning benefits are payable on the first day of an
eligible event.

PFL benefits may not be received at the same time as DBL benefits. PFL must be used concurrently with FMLA.

Employer Compliance Requirements

• Update your employee handbook and all internal leave materials to include PFL coverage information
• Distribute the PFL notice to employees
• Conspicuously post the PFL notice, which explains PFL benefits
• Remind employees that must give 30 days prior notice to taking PFL if the event is foreseeable, such as maternity leave
• If your employee is out on FMLA, you must provide them with notice of their eligibility for PFL
• You must guarantee job reinstatement to an employee on leave to the same or comparable position
• You must keep the employee’s health benefits active while they are on leave. *Employee must maintain their contribution to health benefits

Premium Calculation and Payment

The Paid Family Leave premium will be added to your current Statutory Disability billing term. The Paid Family Leave premium will be based on individual employee wage and status. A premium notice will be sent to policyholders with instructions to complete the required online employee census for accurate calculation of Paid Family Leave premium.

Payment options
• Secure Online Portal
• Pay-by-phone
• Print bill and mail in check

Required Information for Employee Census

What is required? Why is this required?
List of all employees • Each employee will have a unique contribution and status. Thus, to be accurate, we must ensure we have the correct information at the employee level.
• You will need to input a unique identifier for each employee. Choose name, employee ID, or other method that you use to track employees.
Specific months of employment This will allow AmTrust to calculate the premium per employee, based on the rates that apply to their employment period.
Example: If someone was hired 6 months into the policy term, we would only collect premium based on their employment dates.
Full time or Part time State requirement
Male or Female State requirement
Waiver status State requirement
If the employee is on a waiver, no contribution will be collected by the employer and the carrier will not bill premium. The employee is not eligible for PFL benefits. Waivers are obtained from the state, signed by the employee and kept on file by employer.
Employee Wages Contribution and subsequent premium is based on employee unique wages.
PSM (Partner/Sole proprietor/Member) Carrier requirement