Auto Service Plus

AmTrust's Auto Service Plus coverage lets our appointed agents build the perfect coverage plan for the auto dealerships and repair shops they serve.

Innovative, agent-driven solutions to customize coverage for each individual policyholder.

Support from AmTrust in building a positive carrier-agent relationship that enables you to offer your policyholders the best coverage options.

Competitive commissions on the policies you provide to your clients.

Auto Service Plus Insurance

You understand the varying needs of each auto dealer or shop you work with. As an AmTrust appointed agent, you can offer your clients Auto Service Plus, a unique insurance offering that is tailored to meet auto dealerships' individual insurance needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all policy. We help our agents build strong relationships that enable a perfect match between AmTrust coverage offerings and policyholder needs.

We offer auto dealers insurance coverage plans that are tailored to the unique demands of the automotive dealership and repair shops industry – as an appointed agent, you can provide customized coverage plans to your individual policyholders. Appointed agents can offer insureds coverage including garage liability, real and personal property, business income, employees' tools, garagekeepers' liability, physical damage to dealer inventory, and even errors and omissions coverage.

Auto Service Plus Insurance

Meeting the Needs of Various Auto Dealers

AmTrust's Auto Service Plus enhanced coverage doesn't just cover one class of auto dealer or one manufacturer. As an AmTrust appointed agent, you can offer policyholders enhanced property coverage, whether they operate franchised or non-franchised dealer lots. Enhanced coverage includes equipment breakdown and umbrella limits to meet the unique needs of the insured.

AmTrust's Auto Service Plus is an excellent source of coverage for agents whose clients are in the automotive sales industry. As an appointed agent, you can help ensure the best coverage for your policyholder is in place to protect them before a single vehicle hits the lot.

As an AmTrust agent, you can also help auto dealers with an expanding base of operations. Whether it's branching out as a franchised auto dealer with a second lot or enhancing automotive service and repair options, you can direct franchised and non-franchised dealers alike in selecting the best Auto Service Plus policy options for them. Our industry expertise and flexible coverage options let you provide the right level of protection and information to help their business – and yours – grow and expand.

Meeting the Needs of Various Auto Dealers

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