Absence Management

Our absence management program automates employee leaves and handles absences from beginning to end. We create customizable and comprehensive solutions for each client based on what is right for their culture, employee experience and business goals.
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Introduction to
Absence Management Solution

There are over 500 complex and ever-changing regulating state and federal job-protected leave across the country. Our expertise is a plus-we have the software, equipment and expertise to track and manage these programs.

We stay up-to-date on the variety of leave laws, so small business owners and HR teams can focus on their business.

Our solution provides
an average savings of $600 per
employee per year

We take care of your people so you
have more time to take care of business

We handle absence from
beginning to end and ensure that
you are always compliant

Better supported employees
are more present and
more productive

Benefits of Absence Management Program

What Can It Do?

  • Offers a single point-of-intake for leave requests (medical disability, family and medical leave, etc.)
  • 24/7 online accessibility for employers and employees-on and off the job
  • Provides an end-to-end solution with medical management and healthcare specialization which fills the void between insurer and record keeper
  • Ensures caring, expert support during leave times who will provide personal guidance to an employee around navigating leave laws, documentation and procedures
  • Generates mandatory and optional employee notices, forms, and documents consistent with corporate requirements
  • Summarized reporting information by location, department, shift or supervisor
  • Creation, storage, and maintenance of electronic case files


Why Use It?

  • Reduces the burden on HR and administration teams and creates a seamless employee experience
  • Enhances productivity by facilitating employees’ return to the workplace from leaves as soon as medically appropriate
  • Ensures compliant leave of absence operation across all state and federal regulations.

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For more information about our Absence Management Solution, contact Dave Clark, Regional Sales Director or State Disability at: David.Clark@amtrustgroup.com